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Crescent (Pierce): The average catch for opening day was 4.7 trout caught per angler. An estimated 90 percent of the fish caught were recent plants, while the remainder were carryover fish measuring more than 13 inches long.

Deep (Thurston): The average catch was good on opening day, at 3.7 trout per person. But the average size was 11-12 inches, with some fish measuring more than 14 inches long.

Haven (Mason): Anglers averaged 6.5 fish per person on opening day. The lake drew a large crowd — 118 people checked by the state.

Mineral: On opening day, 123 anglers kept 317 trout and released 455, for an average catch of 6.3 fish per person. The largest trout checked was 20.25 inches long, with lots of fish in the 14- to 15-inch range.

Ohop: Fishing has been slow compared with other lakes, but the fish being caught have been larger. The average-size fish caught on opening day was 13 inches long, with the largest fish measuring 20 inches.

Pattison: Lots of big fish were caught on opening day, and the average catch was 4.8 fish per person.

Rapjohn: The average opening day catch of 5.7 fish per person was the best among Pierce County lakes checked Saturday. People were having success trolling a Wedding Ring tipped with a worm.

Silver (Pierce): Trout fishing has been fair to good since opening day. People also are catching some largemouth bass, yellow perch and crappie.

Summit: Fishing has been fair to good, with plenty of large rainbow trout being caught. Some fish weighed up to 2.5 pounds. The opening day average was 3.6 fish per person.

Tanwax: Trout fishing has been very good, with several 3- to 5-pound trout caught off the dock. Most opening weekend anglers caught limits in a couple hours. Use worms and PowerBait for still-fishing, or troll with a Wedding Ring tipped with a worm or an orange flat fish.

Ward: Of the Thurston County lakes checked on opening day, this one had the best average catch at 5.1 trout per person.


Columbia: In the Bonneville Pool, the spring-chinook catches are increasing for bank anglers just outside Drano Lake. Bank and boat anglers are catching some springers in The Dalles and John Day pools.

Cowlitz: Anglers are catching about an equal number of hatchery spring chinook and winter-run steelhead. There are quite a few spring-chinook jacks in the catch, too. Most of the action has been between the hatcheries.

Kalama: Anglers are catching some spring chinook, which must be released, and steelhead, though most were wild fish and were released.

Lewis: Fishing pressure has been very light. Through April 23, 11 hatchery adult spring chinook had returned to the traps. The hatchery escapement goal is about 1,300 fish.

Klickitat: Some springers and summer-run steelhead are appearing in the bank angler creels below Fisher Hill Bridge.

Yakima: Fishing has been fair to good, but most of the action has been on nymphs. People are using a two-fly setup with a black stonefly trailed by a flashback pheasant tail or San Juan worms. Look for hatches of March browns.


Beaches: A razor clam dig continues through Sunday. Here is the schedule with dates, beaches and low tide times: Wednesday, April 30: 8:03 a.m., minus-1.2 feet, Twin Harbors, Long Beach; Thursday: 8:43 a.m., minus-1.0 feet, Twin Harbors, Long Beach; Friday: 9:23 a.m., minus-0.7 feet, Twin Harbors, Long Beach, Mocrocks; Saturday: 10:04 a.m., minus-0.3 feet, Twin Harbors, Long Beach, Mocrocks; Sunday: 10:47 a.m., plus-0.1 feet, Twin Harbors, Long Beach, Mocrocks.

South Sound: Bad weather over the weekend kept lots of people off the water, but a few blackmouth are being caught. The fish are weighing 5-12 pounds. People are finding fish off Point Dalco, the clay banks, Point Evans, Green Point and Point Gibson. Salmon fishing in Marine Area 11 (Tacoma) closes Wednesday, April 30.

Contributors: David Potter at Rainbow RV Resort, state Department of Fish and Wildlife, The Evening Hatch, Art Tachell at Point Defiance Boathouse. Jeffrey P. Mayor: 253-597-8640

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