Marijuana food truck debuts in Denver, hopes to come to Washington

Staff writerMay 1, 2014 

Don’t bogart that pork, my friend.

You’ll need to travel to Colorado if you want to sample that pulled pork sandwich, there at the world’s first self-described “marijuana-infused food truck.”

It’s not the truck that’s infused, but rather it’s the pulled pork sandwich, and the sunbutter-and-jelly sandwich, the Bin Mi pork sandwich, the cheese sandwich and the not-just-tomato soup.

Having debuted at the recent Cannabis Cup in Denver, the “ presents The Food Truck” is a former 40-foot Freightliner C2 school bus that can be found at marijuana-friendly venues.

“We are trying to create the most unique and delicious culinary experience in the world,” said Magical Butter founder and CEO Garyn Angel.

Magical Butter – profiled by The News Tribune in March – is a Seattle-based company that produces a machine that transforms raw cannabis into a substance that can then added to food or beverages, thus eliminating the need to smoke marijuana. 

Simply put, it’s a high-tech pot-crock, and it’s for sale wherever the bus-truck goes.

According to a Magical Butter release on Thursday, the foodstuffs available from the truck range in potency from 30-100 mg of THC, the herb’s active ingredient.

Angel said in the release that his plans include “a smartphone app to monitor where the truck will be in a city near you.” He anticipates a permanent outdoor location in Seattle as well as expansion in the number of food trucks on the road.

“Nothing is definite as yet, but they are planning to bring the truck to marijuana-friendly cities,” said company spokesman Seth Menacker on Thursday.

“We do plan for a full fleet,” he said.

A spokesman for the state Liquor Control Board, which regulates the recreational use of marijuana, said the food-truck concept in Washington may stumble when licensing applications are filed.


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