State Sen. Pam Roach to seek reelection

Posted by Alexis Krell on May 11, 2014 

State Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, speaks on the Senate floor Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013. (Melissa Santos/Staff writer)

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Pam Roach, R-Auburn, said Sunday that she will seek reelection to her state senate seat.

Roach will file this week, she said in a statement.

"I want to continue to work with Buckley residents to more firmly establish Rainier School which is under threat of closure," the statement read. "I want to secure additional funding for the new Sumner YMCA, and continue working to protect farmers and property owners near Lake Tapps from onerous regulations."

Roach chairs the Governmental Operations Committee, and said she's leading a review of the state's Shoreline Management Act and Growth Management Act.

She and husband Jim have five children, 16 grandchildren, and have been married for 43 years. She graduated from Brigham Young University, and has had a teaching certificate.

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