Bigotry? Thurston Dems give Ramtha a pass

The News TribuneMay 15, 2014 

Let’s not expect political correctness of Ramtha, who conquered Atlantis 35,000 years ago, give or take a millennium. Every age of the world has its hang-ups.

Still, a lot of people in our eon complained when they discovered that Ramtha — as channeled through Yelm’s JZ Knight — seems to have little use for Catholics. Maybe not for gay men, either, since he maintains that they were “all once Catholic women.”

Nor does the Enlightened One appear to support comprehensive immigration reform, given his thundering about “the invasion of the Mexicans who just breed like rabbits.”

When these (and other) comments surfaced two years ago, the state Democratic Party gave up $70,000 in embarrassing donations it had received from Knight.

Give credit to Thurston County’s Democrats, though: They seem beyond embarrassment. They’re good with this enlightened elderly warlord, incorrectness and all.

The county party organization accepted $65,000 from Knight earlier this year. Its leaders thoroughly examined the matter and concluded, as county Chairman Roger Erskine put it, “JZ Knight is a very good strong Democrat, and she totally supports our platform and our goals, and I think that’s good enough.”

County Commissioner Sandra Romero, a leading Democrat, said that the conservative Freedom Foundation — which first unearthed Ramtha’s Donald Sterling-like ramblings — had cast Knight in a false light.

Two years ago, Romero had a different take:

“Unlike the other videos that were heavily edited, spliced and taken out of context, this most recent one appeared to be undoctored. I am appalled by Ms. Knight’s outrageous anti-Mexican, anti-Catholic raging.”

That was then, this is now.

The obvious injustice here — which no one seems to be mentioning — is that Knight has been held responsible for the pronouncements of an ancient Lemurian spirit. Those weren’t her views. She was merely the oracle.

She wasn’t dissing Catholics and Mexicans; Ramtha was. And Ramtha — God and Enlightened One — can’t be judged by the narrow, conventional conceptions of the time we inhabit. He has ascended beyond our petty taboos.

The Thurston County Democrats need merely point out that Knight hasn’t shown a hint of bigotry. That’s all coming from the astral guy on the cosmic plane, and who knows what divine nectar he’s been drinking? Knight herself is down with the whole Democratic platform; a perfect progressive.

Besides, that $65,000 looks plenty green.

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