First look: Menus at Johnny's Seafood and Bistro on the Foss Waterway

Staff writerMay 15, 2014 

A cup of crab bisque at Johnny’s Seafood And Bistro, which opened Monday on the Foss waterway.

SUE KIDD — Staff writer

The Foss Waterway got a new bistro Saturday. Except that it’s only sort of new. Johnny’s Seafood has been a Tacoma staple for 39 years as the go-to seafood counter in Tacoma. Now it’s all that, plus a bistro. The casually-themed waterfront restaurant opened Monday. Here’s a first look.

TNT business reporter John Gillie reported on the opening and history of Johnny’s here. Johnny’s Seafood closed in January for a building remodel that would boost the business, owned by Pacific Seafoods since 2006, from seafood purveyor to a waterfront bistro. The renovation added plenty of indoor and outdoor seating - about 48 seats in each area. There’s also a bar serving wine and beer.

The revamp: Enter the building and veer to the right to pick up your seafood at the counter. Dining tables are adjacent to the seafood counter, which might seem confusing upon entry. Which leads me to…

Seat yourself: The restaurant is an absolutely casual endeavor, from the moment of entry when diners are instructed (or not, as in our case) to find a seat anywhere. The restaurant is still dealing with that new restaurant smell and hard working staffers looked to be still training.

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