Ramen on the rise in the South Sound

Staff writerMay 16, 2014 

I’m just going to say this now, for the record: You won’t ever find me waiting four hours in line for ramen.

In certain pockets of the country, ramen chefs achieve rock star status for fancying up a culinary underachiever long relegated to American dorm room cooking.

Last week’s opening of Ivan Orkin’s ramen shop in New York City yielded a media frenzy, and diners lined up for a bowl.

It’s not just an East Coast weird food thing. Seattle is in on the ramen frenzy with more than a dozen eateries opening there.

But long lines for ramen in Tacoma? Would that — could that? — ever happen here, in a region that practically prides itself in snubbing precious foodie trends?

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