CLOVER PARK: School district reveals 4 new principals

May 19, 2014 

The Clover Park School District announced several principal moves that will take effect in September.

Tim Stults will be the new principal at Clover Park High School. He previously worked as assistant principal at Lakes High School and as principal at two urban high schools in Philadelphia.

Jane Al-Tamimi will be the new principal at Custer Elementary. She is currently on special assignment as an assistant to the Garfield Elementary principal in Olympia. Jennifer Moore will be the next principal at Dower Elementary. She has been principal at Napavine Elementary in Lewis County the past two years.

Josh Zarling will be the new principal at Lochburn Middle School. He has worked locally as an assistant principal at Hudtloff Middle School and as principal at Beachwood Elementary. For the past two years, he has been a middle school principal in Trinidad and Tobago.

Jeff Miller will be principal at Tillicum Elementary. He has worked mostly in California, including six years as an elementary teacher and 11 years as an administrator.

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