Boeing 737 Max passes 2,000 orders

Staff writerMay 20, 2014 

Boeing's order book for its latest version of its best-selling 737 has passed 2,000 orders this week with the addition of an order for 30 of the single-aisle jets from an undisclosed customer.

With that order, airlines and other customers have now ordered 2,010 of the planes, making the 737 Max the fastest-selling Boeing plane on record, the company said.

If all of those orders are ultimately filled, Boeing will produce more 737 Max aircraft than any other airliner in its history expect for the earlier versions of the twin-engine plane.

Although the 737 Max has been a quick seller for Boeing, Airbus's rival aircraft, the A320neo family of aircraft, has logged more orders, 2,629. The A320neo, however, enjoyed an eight-month head start on the 737 Max because Airbus announced its plane before Boeing.

The 737 Max is the fourth generation of the 737, which was introduced in the '60s. The Max will feature new fuel-efficient engines, improved aerodynamics, an enhanced cockpit and an updated interior. Boeing claims the Max will have an 8 percent fuel economy advantage over the A320neo.

All 737 are built in Boeing's Renton factory.  The first 737 Max is scheduled to go into service with launch customer Southwest Airlines in the second half of 2017.

Boeing has raised its production rate for the Next Generation 737, the current production version of the plane, to a record 42 monthly with plans to raise that further to 47.

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