Disabled placard means you don’t need to feed meter

Staff writerMay 21, 2014 

Q: My question is about handicapped parking permits. If you have a permit that’s properly displayed, do you have to put money in the parking meter?

I’m not talking about places that are marked as handicapped parking spaces, just regular, metered parking spots. — Marty, Tacoma

A: If you qualify for disabled parking privileges and you have a disabled parking placard, tabs or license plates, you can park on the street, for free, in any parking space that’s time-restricted, including metered parking.

This doesn’t apply to privately owned parking lots or areas reserved for special types of vehicles, such as fire lanes and loading zones. It also doesn’t apply in places where stopping, parking or standing of all vehicles is prohibited.

Just a reminder: It’s illegal for anyone else to use your disabled parking placard, tabs or license plates if you’re not in the vehicle. You can’t let your friends or family borrow them for their own use.

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