Man in critical condition after being hit by car in downtown Tacoma

Staff writerMay 23, 2014 

A man in his mid-50s was in critical condition with life-threatening injuries Friday after a car hit him in downtown Tacoma.

The man had been working at the Winthrop apartments in the 700 block of South Commerce Street before the incident took place about 4 p.m., Tacoma police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said. A driver in a Jeep Cherokee slammed into the man, who was standing behind his truck, Cool said.

The southbound Jeep passed other vehicles before pulling back into its lane and hitting the man and his truck, Cool said.

Chris DiLoretto, owner of DiLoretto’s Cafe on Commerce Street, said he did not hear screeching tires but did hear the crash and ran out of his shop to help.

“It was one of the most horrific things I’ve ever witnessed,” said DiLoretto, who said the victim’s legs were severed, and his co-worker tried to apply tourniquets. “It was one of those things you wish you hadn’t walked up on.”

DiLoretto said the men had been working out of the truck doing glass work at the Winthrop and appeared to be finishing up for the day. DiLoretto made a pained expression and shook his head.

“We all wake up thinking we’re gonna go to bed tonight,” he said.

The injured man was taken to Tacoma General Hospital in critical condition.

The driver, a 44-year-old man, was detained for purposes of the investigation. Charges will be determined once the investigation is finished, Cool said.

The man showed no signs of obvious impairment, Cool said.

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Photographer Drew Perine contributed to this report.

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