Applause: Nice to see Clover Park drama program resurrected

Port OrchardJune 3, 2014 

The drama program at Clover Park High School performed its first play Saturday since having the program eliminated a few years ago due to school budget cuts. The program was resurrected in April by Jerry Abbott, Terry Gibson, Sara Million and Andy Sharp, all veteran theater professionals who found it in their hearts and souls to volunteer their time and talent for Clover Park students to once again have a drama curriculum.

Only parents in the audience would have known that most of the performers had no theater or on-stage experience before this performance. No blunders, missed cues or ad libs were detectable to anyone but the director. Every powerful monologue and vignette was done with poise and professionalism, invoking tears, sorrow, laughter and enthusiastic applause.

Bravo to the cast and crew for a phenomenal performance. …

Sadly, some students are graduating seniors, so this was the first and last performance of their high school career.

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