Lakewood posts the state's highest car insurance premiums

Staff writerJune 3, 2014 

Look east (or north) if you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance in the state, said ValuePenguin, a consumer-services website, in a release this week.

Walla Walla comes in first among the cheapest, with average premium rates down 21.2 percent from the state average premium.

Bellingham follows, 20.5 percent below the state average. Pullman, Wenatchee and Ellensburg finish the top five, down 19.2 percent, 18.8 percent and 18.5 percent respectively.

One of the primary reasons for the preponderance of small cities on the list, the website theorized, is that “less population density means fewer opportunities for car accidents and thus lower insurance premiums.”

For the five priciest cities for car insurance, look very close to home.

Lakewood comes in first, with rates 25.7 percent above the state average. 

Tukwila trails, higher by 21.4 percent, and Federal Way marks third-highest at 20.4 percent. 

The suburban University Place comes fourth on the list of highest rates, 19.4 percent ahead of the average, while Auburn comes fifth, up by a like 19.4 percent.

Residents in Lakewood, ValuePenguin said, pay an average automobile premium of $907 – Whereas Walla Walla residents pay $569. Rates in University Place run to an average of $862 annually.

Along the list of 54 cities and towns in the state, Olympia places 21st on the list of least-expensive places to buy car insurance with an average premium of $655. Lacey comes next, in 22nd place with a premium of $665.

Puyallup came 48th, at $847; and Tacoma hit 49th at $854.


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