Kent ex-councilman pleads guilty to stealing from mother

KIRO-TVJune 3, 2014 

A former Kent city councilman pleaded guilty Tuesday to swindling money from his 93-year-old mother, who has dementia.

Ken Sharp is accused of siphoning about $300,000 from his mother using a reverse mortgage and taking from her bank account. He allegedly used the money to buy a wedding ring, a house and a trip to Italy. 

King County Prosecutor Page Ulrey said the thefts date back to 2010 and 2011.

Sharp is charged with seven counts of first-degree theft and one count of mortgage fraud, He faces 10 years in prison. In a plea deal, prosecutors are recommending six years in prison or less time if he pays retribution to his mother. 

The amount of restitution will be determined later, but Ulrey said it could be from $200,000 to $300,000.

Sharp will be sentenced later this month.

The Kent mayor’s office said Sharp would get no pension for being on the City Council because he was a member for only two weeks before stepping down.

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