Restaurant update: Le-Le looks to be three months from reopening in Tacoma

Staff writerJune 12, 2014 

LeLe is a longtime Hilltop destination that serves Southeast Asian cuisine in a vibrant atmosphere.

LUI KIT WONG — Staff photographer file

Water damage appears to be keeping Hilltop restaurant Le-Le shuttered for now. Here’s what I know about what’s happening next for the Tacoma Vietnamese-Thai restaurant.

A reopening looks to be at least three months out – that’s according to staff at Le-Le’s sister restaurant in Gig Harbor.

The Hilltop Le-Le closed at the end of April after what sounded like a pretty serious ceiling leak/cave-in created a mess and water damage. It doesn’t appear workers have been into the building recently, so I called the Gig Harbor location to ask what would happen next.

Gig Harbor Le-Le server Long Truong said the water damage will not be an easy cleanup and the roof needs fixing, too. “My boss is in India now. When she comes back, she will have somebody fix it,” he said. The repairs, he estimated, should take two to three months. In the meantime, you can haul over to Gig Harbor for a Le-Le fix, but be prepared for sticker shop with increased prices over the Hilltop location (plus the bridge toll).


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