Hole-by-hole descriptions of Ryan Moore's 3rd round at 114th U.S. Open

Staff writerJune 14, 2014 

Started on 1st tee

1st hole: Hybrid tee shot to center fairway. Approach shot lands front right of green, 60f away. To back left pin, birdie putt comes up 41/2 feet short. Par-saver misses left. BOGEY (+1).

2nd hole: Drive to left fairway. Approach shot 30f below hole, which is on back ridge. Birdie putt runs by 2f. PAR (+1).

3rd hole: 5-wood drive to right fairway. Approach shot in middle of green, 35f away. Birdie putt goes by right side. PAR (+1).

4th hole: Drive to right fairway. Hybrid approach shot 18f left of hole. Birdie putt stayed just off left edge. PAR (+1).

5th hole: Drive in left fairway. Approach shot skirts up right slot, rolls to within 10f of hole at par 5, then rolls back into greenside bunker on left. Bunker shot 14f behind hole. Birdie bid goes 2f past. PAR (+1).

6th hole: Tee shot lands in front center part of green, 40f away from back pin. Birdie putt grazes left edge. PAR (+1).

7th hole: With tees moved up, Moore hits driver - and it lands in swale in apron just in front of green. Chip shot does not get up slope far enough, and comes back to feet. Third chip stops 5f away. PAR (+1).

8th hole: Drive way left in sandscape. Approach shot 15y in front of green. Third shot goes 4f past. PAR (+1).

9th hole: Tee shot 22f right of back left pin. Birdie putt stayed left. PAR (+1).

10th hole: Drive to left fairway. 3-wood approach shot at par 5 stays left, but gets good kick off slope and goes in greenside bunker in left front. Bunker shot goes by left edge of cup, 3f away. BIRDIE (E).

11th hole: Drive to left fairway. Approach shot 12f left of hole camped out on right edge. Left birdie putt short, but in jaws. PAR (E).

12th hole: Drive to center fairway. Approach shot 24f right, but pin high. Birdie putt stayed right. PAR (E).

13th hole: Hybrid tee shot to left fairway. Approach shot hits front fringe and kicks back into swale 25y away. Pitch shot to 21/2f. PAR (E).

14th hole: Drive to left center of fairway. Approach shot stays left but in easy spot on apron. 5-wood chip hits flagstick but ball ricochets 7f away. Par-saving putt hits left edge and spins out. BOGEY (+1).

15th hole: Tee shot left the whole way and goes down embankment. Chip shot to 4f. Par-saving putt misses on low side. BOGEY (+2).

16th hole: Drive deep in left sandscape. Approach shot gets in right greenside bunker, 35y away. Bunker shot gets on top plateau, 6f away. Makes putt. PAR (+2).

17th hole: Tee shot goes over back and left. Chip shot stops 2f short. PAR (+2).

18th hole: Drive far left in sandscape and wire grass. Approach shot in middle of green, 15f below hole. Makes putt. BIRDIE (+1)

TOTAL: 1-over-par 71.

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