Seahawks have heated Day 2 at minicamp

Staff writerJune 18, 2014 

— A day in the sun became heated.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and wide receiver Phil Bates had a fist fight, which led to a group scuffle on the second day of mandatory minicamp.

An innocuous appearing play preceded the fight.

Wide receiver Bryan Walters dove and made a catch. He landed on his right shoulder and was in pain immediately afterward.

Free safety Earl Thomas was covering Walters on the play. He also went to the ground, but didn’t appear to land on Walters. During minicamp, there is no tackling and players are encouraged not to go to the ground.

Following Walters' injury, wide receiver Doug Baldwin and Thomas started to argue from afar. Shortly after, Sherman began screaming at Baldwin, his longtime friend and former Stanford teammate.

Sherman and Bates tussled down the left side of the field on the next play, before Sherman began to pull Bates’ jersey and helmet. The two exchanged punches afterward. Neither spoke to the media following practice.

Head coach Pete Carroll stopped practice to bring the team together. He told them to calm down and remember that they were all part of the same family. When they resumed practice, the song, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams was played.

“Those receivers, they’re kind of soft sometimes,” Thomas said. “They see one of their teammates or guys in their same room fall, they start crying. You just kind of shrug it off. You don’t pay attention to guys like that.”

Practice resumed with several of those involved taking a break. Walters left the practice field before returning with his right shoulder wrapped in ice.

Thomas and Baldwin continued to jaw for the remainder of practice. Sherman made the rounds, talking everything over with Bates, Baldwin, and Russell Wilson, whom he was screaming at during practice, as well.

"It's all in the game, we're teammates at the end of the day," Thomas said. "It's just the way you do stuff. Sometimes you get mad and you don't say stuff you really mean. At the same time, we're all men out here, we're all Alpha males; it happens like that sometimes.

"Guy here are different. We're never satisfied. We're always trying to prove who we are. It always gets heated like this and you love it because the whole competition of everybody is raised."

Thomas said they will move on.

"At the end of the day, we're teammates," Thomas said. "We kind of know each other well now, kind of get under each other's skin. There's going to be practices like that. You love practices like this because everybody is in it. Everybody's trying to execute well. Everybody's trying to prove the other person wrong.

"This can happen at any practice, whether it's in the season or not. I just think we're all so competitive, if you press one wrong one button, everybody will clear the benches."


Wide receiver Percy Harvin participated in the start of practice before stopping. He appeared to stop practicing for precautionary reasons. Harvin had hip surgery last year that caused him to miss the majority of the season. … Marshawn Lynch was again on the sidelines but did not participate. He took a few minutes to talk with owner Paul Allen … Linebacker Korey Toomer and wide receiver Kevin Norwood did not participate in the second day of minicamp after playing the first. … Linebacker Bruce Irvin (hip) was back on the sidelines watching. Irvin recently returned to Seattle following hip surgery in New York two weeks ago.

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