Stuff your face: Taste of Tacoma is this weekend

Staff writerJune 27, 2014 

Reach way back in the closet.

No, no.

All the way in the back.

You see those stain-resistant pants with the safe-for-Thanksgiving-dinner waistband?

Prepare to move them to the front of the closet.

This weekend is Taste of Tacoma.

The three-day eating festival that starts today at Point Defiance Park isn’t a gourmet food gathering, or even an event featuring much in the form of Tacoma restaurants.

Taste of Tacoma is about stuffing your face with carnival food that’s dipped in stuff, deep fried, and slathered in sauce. In other words, the festival is full of food crimes against humanity.

Diet? You don’t need to stinking diet. In fact, it’s best not to think of the caloric content – at all. It’s also best not to focus too much on the cost, which can skyrocket if you don’t shop smartly. Items will be priced $3.75 (for the smaller Just a Bite options) on the low end and $8 on the high. Careful shoppers will conduct a full scouting expedition before committing.

More than 40 restaurants will pop up across the park serving flavors from all over the world. Japanese, Greek, Filipino, Russian, Hawaiian – it’s all represented. Check the accompanying list for what’s on the menu.

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