Family time with technology: Does it count as quality?

Orlando SentinelJuly 14, 2014 

Do you get "family time" as much as you want?

I wrote about working moms getting "me-time" before, but how much quality time you spend with your children?

Here's how "quality time" usually goes at my house on weeknights and often weekends:

Mother (me), father and son are all together in the living room in close proximity and each on our own devices.

Yes, I said devices.

I am almost always on my iPhone or iPad chilling out, binge-watching with headphones the latest show I can't live without. These days, my binge show is "The Good Wife." My son, and sometimes a bonus child (friend), play games on the Xbox 360 or Wii U, and my husband either is on his iPhone or iPad (we alternate) watching Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Lately, he's watching "River Monsters" with Jeremy Wade, which brings us all together.

My son and I also love this show, so sometimes we all bundle on the couch without our devices and watch Wade go after and pretty-much-always catch some monster fish.

Does this count as family time? I think so. We are together, right?

Now that I've told you how lazy our family can be, I will say we do actually go outside on adventures together, although the temperatures around here approach 100 degrees - mostly on the weekends.

How about your family? Is yours like mine or are you a purist about family time - devices away, total concentration?

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