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Published September 5th, 2014 - 1:36PM
The Washington State Fair returns Friday (Sept. 5) with its time-tested mix of cowboy crooners, Krusty Pups, piglets and thousands of other things to see and do during its 17-day run.
Published September 5th, 2014 - 10:05AM
What might have happened if Elvis Presley’s twin brother survived?
Published September 5th, 2014 - 7:19AM
Group will use “gayla” fundraiser to continue helping LGBTQ students in Thurston County schools.
Published September 5th, 2014 - 7:19AM
Noël Coward comedy kicks off Olympia theater’s 75th season.
Published September 3rd, 2014 - 11:53AM
You have your choice of an NFL-sanctioned sports drama or a squeaky-clean parenting comedy this week.
Published September 2nd, 2014 - 4:11PM
Pierce Brosnan is just going through the motions in “The November Man.”
Published September 1st, 2014 - 2:10PM
In the South Sound, Laurie R. King says she was the “weird kid” with gold-rimmed glasses who spent her days feverishly reading novels.
Published August 29th, 2014 - 6:10AM
Your guide to fun in the South Sound
Published August 28th, 2014 - 10:04AM
With his bohemian ethos, Mraz appeals to a wide demographic.
Published August 28th, 2014 - 10:04AM
Horror trek into Paris catacombs has feel of “The Descent,” “(Rec)” among others.
Published August 27th, 2014 - 5:51PM
Bob Dylan is coming to the Paramount Theatre in October.
Published August 21st, 2014 - 1:37PM
“UnFair: Exposing the IRS” was made by talk show host Craig Bergman and will have a one time showing in local theaters on Oct. 14.
Published August 21st, 2014 - 9:14AM
Weekend events include demonstrations, chance for kids to build their own steamboat kit
Published August 21st, 2014 - 6:51PM
9 things you should consider doing this week, from the Eagles to Bill Cosby, outdoor movies to reggae.
Published August 21st, 2014 - 2:40PM
Plenty of hiking options around Longmire
Published August 19th, 2014 - 5:26PM
It’s full steam ahead for boats on the Foss this weekend.
Published August 15th, 2014 - 9:51AM
The iconic “I Want You For U.S. Army” image of Uncle Sam is one of the first things visitors see upon entering “Seeds of Victory: Posters of the Great War” at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.
Published August 15th, 2014 - 9:47AM
For a movie about a kid who rediscovers the unruly vitality that defines humanity, the overearnest “The Giver,” based on Lois Lowry’s young adult sci-fi best-seller, never truly comes to life.
Published August 15th, 2014 - 9:44AM
Retirement is deferred yet again for the band of aging action heroes in “Expendables 3.”
Published August 15th, 2014 - 7:32AM
For the fifth year, Tacoma’s art-house theater, The Grand Cinema, is bringing a group of young filmmakers to town for its annual mini-festival.
Published August 15th, 2014 - 2:12PM
Director Darius Clark Monroe takes look at how a bank robbery he committed changed himself and his victims.
Published August 15th, 2014 - 7:08AM
Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls plays the Capitol Theater in support of her first country album, “Goodnight Tender.” Phil Cook of Megafaun opens.
Published August 15th, 2014 - 7:09AM
Tacoma’s Downtown Block Party leaves Opera Alley better than it was before.
Published August 15th, 2014 - 7:51AM
Watch kite competitions, build your own kite this weekend.
Published August 14th, 2014 - 12:00AM
Your guide to fun in the South Sound
Published August 14th, 2014 - 5:45PM
Woody Allen has nothing up his sleeve in “Magic in the Moonlight.”
Published August 13th, 2014 - 6:53AM
There are muffins, of course. And pancakes. And the obligatory fruit salad. But then what? After all the usual suspects, how do you handle a seasonal abundance of blueberries?
Published August 12th, 2014 - 4:15PM
Paddlers will gather Saturday to celebrate the designation of the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails as part of the National Water Trails System.
Published August 9th, 2014 - 11:07AM
It’s festival season and there are lots of choices this weekend.
Published August 9th, 2014 - 11:07AM
Belgian city embraces its war-torn history
Published August 7th, 2014 - 7:09AM
Event features more than 100 re-enactors, new archeology exhibit
Published August 7th, 2014 - 8:54PM
Mount Pilchuck
Published August 4th, 2014 - 3:48PM
Lance Lambert describes himself as a “car guy since birth.” The Tacoma native produces and hosts a TV show about cars and has just come out with a memoir about growing up amidst Tacoma’s car culture in the 1960s. On Aug. 14, Lambert will share stories at LeMay – America’s Car Museum.
Published July 27th, 2014 - 12:00AM
There’s plenty of music and laughs as well baseball to choose from Sunday
Published July 26th, 2014 - 11:20AM
From salmon bakes and Ethnic Fest to Seafair Torchlight Parade, there’s lots to do this weekend
Published July 24th, 2014 - 12:00AM
Ethnic Fest revels in culture, entertainment and food from around the world.
Published July 23rd, 2014 - 2:29PM
Vermont jam band Phish is coming to Seattle’s KeyArena on Oct. 18. Tickets go on sale at 11 a.m. Aug. 8.
Published July 20th, 2014 - 7:48AM
More gardens, Capital Lakefair and Chinatown Parade to enjoy.
Published July 19th, 2014 - 11:12AM
Enjoy a day of arts festivals, garden tours and open markets.
Published July 15th, 2014 - 10:23AM
English metal rocker icons Judas Priest are bring their “Redeemer of Souls” tour to the Tacoma Dome on Nov. 22.
Published July 12th, 2014 - 11:03AM
It’s all about the festival this weekend from Sumner and Tacoma to Seattle. Check out all the happenings.
Published July 11th, 2014 - 6:54AM
If a civic event can be measured by the amount and quality of entertainment it attracts, then Tacoma Pride is about to go over the rainbow.
Published July 11th, 2014 - 12:00AM
SummerFEST begins with triathlon and ends with a movie under the stars.
Published July 10th, 2014 - 4:42PM
Auditions for the 5th Avenue Theatre's production of "A Christmas Story" will be held at the Tacoma Mall July 20.
Published July 10th, 2014 - 12:00AM
Electronic composer and DJ Eliot Lipp returns home
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