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Plumber: Different faucets for different jobs

Q: Dear Ed: We are in the process of a major kitchen remodel that will include an island with a bar sink. I want the kitchen sink faucet to perfectly match the bar sink faucet. Can I just buy two of the same kitchen sink faucets and install one on the kitchen sink and one on the bar sink?

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Home Fix: Mushrooms growing near base of toilet

Q: It's alive in the bathroom, and I'm a single mom scared to death. We just moved into this house not long ago. This is our first home, and you name it we've seen it. Mice, fungus, wasps, ants. Most of the mice are gone, killed the ants and bees are dormant. One big problem remains. There are mushrooms growing behind my toilet. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Design Recipes: Tips for a modern country-inspired look

From slip covers to painted floors and reclaimed wood, there may be no clear style that can define what some may consider country-inspired decor. In fact, these days, there is more of a push in design involving infusing country elements with a modern edge. The result: furniture often handcrafted by artisans as well as decorative elements that are often vintage or even salvaged.

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Yardsmart: Gather seed promptly for success

Gather seed while ye may - dispersal is in high gear this time of year. Everything that bloomed over summer has been pollinated, causing seeds to form within the flower ovary. As the dry winds of fall kick in, the seeds have matured and their dry capsules pop open. This is when the seeds inside are at their point of perfection.

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How to create the coziest home ever, on a budget

For all the frigid months ahead when weekends are meant to be spent indoors, creating a cozy environment becomes a primary focus. Nothing makes winter more enjoyable than bundling up in a luxe throw with a cup of tea and relishing in a fragrant scented candle with a good book or a Netflix binge session. Unfortunately, while we're busy crossing off dozens of presents on our holiday shopping list and getting our homes ready for entertaining season, our wallets aren't exactly flush with cash for redecorating during this time of year.

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Hang art easily with magnetic stickers

Purchasing a frame-able poster or art print for your home or office can make you feel justifiably accomplished, proud of your good design sense and really quite patron-of-the-artsy. Actually following through with framing and mounting it in a timely fashion? This often feels unnecessarily daunting. (Though, side note: If you have regular framing needs, seek out a reliable and affordable framing store in your area. It's worth doing some research.)

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Fix up your fall container gardens

Garden centers are awash with pumpkins, mums, pansies and kale in celebration of autumn. If your potted plants are looking a bit tired after a hot summer, now's the time to pop in a few fresh ones to carry the display until the cold weather settles in.

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Ask Angie's List: How do I choose a storm door?

Homeowners typically buy a storm door to protect their front door from weather damage and to make their homes more energy efficient. But storm doors can also provide extra security and boost your home's curb appeal, says Ryon Oates, owner of The Door Guys in Crosby, Texas.

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Style at Home: Set a welcoming holiday table

There are so many wonderful things about the holiday season. But gathering around the table, enjoying a meal with people you love? Can't be beat! We love creating fun, intriguing and inviting tables. And nobody here does it better than Chery, a member of our visual display team. The Duchess of Dining, Chery constantly amazes me as she comes up with new and inventive table designs that dazzle and delight. Whether it's for everyday dinner or a special holiday event, give your table some added cheer this season. Here, Chery and our visual design team share tips and inspiration for making your holiday table memorable.


Romancing the home: Ruston property returns to the '40s

Laureen Skrivan, president of restoration company Wren and Willow, gives a mini-tour of a Ruston property being stylishly remodeled with 1940s flair.
Drew Perine
Romancing the home: Ruston property returns to the '40s 1:39

Romancing the home: Ruston property returns to the '40s

Adorable baby panda attempts to roll itself over 1:11

Adorable baby panda attempts to roll itself over

The Farmstead Creamery produces local goat cheese 1:46

The Farmstead Creamery produces local goat cheese

WATCH: Basement transformed into amazing vintage movie theater 3:36

WATCH: Basement transformed into amazing vintage movie theater