Traveling solo, but not alone, on Italy's Amalfi Coast

On a sunny October day, a small bus with 17 passengers left a mountain village in Italy, headed for the famed coastal town of Amalfi. The zigzagging road offered glimpses of spectacularly craggy cliffs, small red-roofed villages and the glittering Mediterranean. Inside the bus, increasingly raucous laughter, lots of loud chatter and the occasional whoop filled the air.

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Yardsmart: Top issues of unorthodox patios

Until the last few years, we poured concrete, laid brick and pavers to create outdoor living spaces with safe uniform surfacing in all weather. This was the standard among landscape architects to ensure that humans, from toddlers to seniors with walkers, could get around the yard without risk.

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A professional organizer spills: This is exactly how to organize your pantry

Have you ever met someone who had the most perfectly arranged pantry? If so, it was likely as if you had walked into a wonderland: truffle oil, olive oil, peanut oil and canola oil on one shelf; almond flour, quinoa and rice in separate containers; seven (yes, seven!) types of pasta all portioned out into tall reusable glassware... But why is it that this level of organization gives you all the feels?

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Style at Home: Three dishes that promise endless looks

If Dan would let me get away with tossing all the food out of our kitchen cabinets and using every available inch to store dishes, I would do it in a New York minute. As a certified dishoholic, I have never met a set of dishes I didn't want to own. But, even the Queen of Carryout needs to keep a few groceries in the house. So, I have had to rein in my obsession. How? But choosing few sets of dishes that allow me to mix and match to create lots of different looks.

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Siberian irises are garden treasures

After the wonderland of bloom by flowers in March and April, we now approach late spring, which often seems too green. With the trees in full leaf, the bulbs mostly finished and the azaleas on their ebb, the landscape looks distinctly different than just two weeks ago.


Inside a historic Tacoma home

Jose Santiago-Cummings shows off the 1908 Colonial-style house that he and Jeff Sawyer purchased in 2009.
Joshua Bessex
Inside a historic Tacoma home 1:24

Inside a historic Tacoma home

Gig Harbor home marries historic with modern 2:01

Gig Harbor home marries historic with modern

How to make a house for mason bees 2:33

How to make a house for mason bees

Kugel takes the spotlight at Blintzapalooza 2017 3:15

Kugel takes the spotlight at Blintzapalooza 2017