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Change of seasons is coming, time to get your garden ready

The first week of September is time for a second spring. Fall refresh is when gardens and gardeners prepare for the change of seasons and with a new look and a fresh start. September is the month to clear away the old, the weary and sad and refresh the garden with plants that celebrate the change of seasons. Here’s how to get started:

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With a childlike whimsy

LOS ANGELES - Married eight years, the couple work together as the creative agency NONdesigns and live in the Dorland house, a two-bedroom, one-bath house designed by Lloyd Wright that they purchased in 2013.

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Style at Home: Nostalgia is hot for fall centerpieces

There is something so nostalgic about fall for me. Maybe it comes from growing up in a small, Midwestern river town, where the trees turned spectacular shades of scarlet, amber and orange. Where apple orchards were bursting with juicy fruit ready for a snack or pie. Or maybe it was the excitement of football game days in our small college town. Fall just feels like home, familiar and friendly.

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8 great contemporary toiles

Toile de Jouy is named after the French town of Jouy-en-Josas, where it got its start in the 18th century. That explains all those pastoral scenes peopled by farmers in Colonial-era garb. Yet these toile designs also telegraphed the news of the world, whether it be balloon voyages, the American victory in a revolutionary war or the toppling of a king. You can still buy those designs as wallpaper or fabric.

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Rooftop gardens grow fierce

WICHITA, Kan. - More than a decade after people first moved into the lofts at Grant Telegraph in Old Town, their rooftop gardens are starting to draw eyes upward to leafy lushness.

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Moving? Don't start packing without these 8 painless tips

You've been perusing real estate apps for months, have gone to countless house inspections and finally found the home of your dreams. But before you start building your decor Pinterest board and investing in new wares, it's time to tackle one of the most frustrating parts of the process: moving.

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Home Fix: Help with a washer drain

Q: My washing machine is located in the basement in a room directly beneath the kitchen. When water drains from the washer, it's going into a hole in the basement floor. The sump pump kicks on, but the water comes back up into the kitchen sink. The water recedes, but I'm not exactly sure to where. Anytime any water enters the sump hole, the pump kicks on and water comes back up into the sink - this could be water draining from doing dishes in the sink or even just accumulated condensation from the A/C or from the high efficiency furnace. Could this be caused by the vent pipe on the roof being clogged?

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Communing with nature

LOS ANGELES - Avid runners and hikers who love being outdoors, the couple took full advantage of everything the park had to offer and in 2010 helped create the Friends of Griffith Park, a nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to preserving the park's open landscapes.


WATCH: Basement transformed into amazing vintage movie theater

Olympia homeowner David Williams along with former MGM and Paramount studios' set designer Thomas Polidori offer their thoughts during a July 10th tour of the basement area which was turn it into a replica London street from the 1930s, including an Art Deco theater, faux storefronts, cobblestones, manholes, neon signs etc. Scaled down from an actual period commercial movie house a state-of-the-art theater featuring digital access to most any film caps-off the experience.
Steve Bloom sbloom@theolympian.com
WATCH: Basement transformed into amazing vintage movie theater 3:36

WATCH: Basement transformed into amazing vintage movie theater

VIDEO: Spring blooms at Olympia's Bark & Garden 1:44

VIDEO: Spring blooms at Olympia's Bark & Garden

VIDEO: The new Tacoma Tool Library 1:17

VIDEO: The new Tacoma Tool Library

VIDEO: Tacoma's (second) Rust Mansion 4:32

VIDEO: Tacoma's (second) Rust Mansion