Big Sur's Highway 1 southern route to open in late July

BIG SUR, Calif. – The entire coastal stretch of California's iconic Highway 1 will re-open at the end of July, restoring a beloved but fragile route from San Francisco to Los Angeles that has been closed for more than a year, the California Department of Transportation announced last week.


A weekend in Wenatchee with rose, Mariachi music, and a farmer who feeds the world

A pair of large dogs, too old to be bothered with actually getting up, wag their tails in eager welcome from recumbent positions in the foyer. We're early, and Ludger Szmania, co-owner of Warm Springs Inn & Winery along with his partner Julie Szmania, is busy mowing the lawn. These two adorable pups are the first to welcome me and my partner, Steve, to Wenatchee, Wash.


Ecuadorian Amazon is a watery paradise

If I close my eyes, I can still feel the warm, tropical breeze blowing across my face as our cigar-shaped motorboat purrs down the brownish, silt-laden Cuyabeno River, heading for the remote Siona Lodge in Ecuador's Amazon region. Our two-hour boat ride into the heart of the 2,300 square-mile Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve exposes our small group of adventurers to the wonders of a tropical rainforest: brilliant blue, iridescent morpho butterflies flash across the open space ahead of us; monkeys dart effortlessly through the branches of an overhanging tree; a toucan calls noisily as it flies from one towering treetop to another. We are spellbound. Can this be real?


Disneyland adds blackouts

Already struggling with crowding problems, Disneyland resort officials have long hinted that they will be forced to add restrictions to deal with the surge of crowds when a Star Wars land opens next summer.


Latest update on threat from Kilaeau volcano

USGS volcanologist Michelle Coombs gives an update on Hawaii's Kilaeau volcano , including the raising of the aviation color code from orange to red due to the severe amount of ash in the atmosphere. It doesn't mean that a large eruption is imminent.

Protect your little ones from dying in a hot car with 'the BackSeat' App

This is a "How it works" video of 'the BackSeat' app. A few of the key features are reviewed here. There are several more settings within the app as well as the app being customize-able based on your lifestyle.