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Marijuana expo in Tacoma seeking judges to rate cannabis products

Come August, Tacoma and the armory will welcome the two-day NW Cannabis Classic, a three-city trade show, conference and competition featuring vendors...

Medical marijuana plants for sale at The Farmacy, a popular California medical marijuana dispensary, in November 2009.

Point Ruston signs 3 more restaurants, bringing its total to 6

Point Ruston adding three new restaurants to mix of tenants at the former Asarco site. One is a 50-year-old Canadian chain opening its first U.S. ...

Excavators remove earth for the Point Ruston development parking garage in April. The development announced Monday that it has obtained three more restaurant tenants.

Chamber mounts ‘educational’ effort against 15 Now Tacoma minimum wage proposal

Amid a public debate about Tacoma’s minimum wage, a window of unlimited campaign spending emerges.

Stock-picking isn’t dead, but it may not be best either

CHICAGO There’s a fine line between “the best way to invest” and “the best way for me to invest.”

Bill Virgin: Looking to Boeing’s new CEO for clues about the future

But Boeing’s employees will be watching the new guy closely, not just for official actions and decisions but for tone, demeanor and other indicators of attitude, to see if there’s any climate change in relations between the region and...