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Classic rock lives on at Lacey’s Boomerang Music and Video

Records from the ’60s, ’70s and more can be found at Boomerang Music and Video.

Gary and Laurie Lippincott hold a rare, blue-colored vinyl record of Pink Floyd’s “Division Bell" at their Boomerang Music and Video store in Lacey, Feb 23rd.

No real winners after resolution of port slowdown

No one came out of this looking good — not management, not labor, not the port commissions and owners who were shown to have little control or even say over the operation of their facilities.

The 7 biggest mistakes fund investors make

There’s a difference between trying to do the right thing and actually getting it done. The biggest mistakes mutual-fund investors make fall right in the middle, where an investor trips over the fine line that separates good investing habits...

Lakewood marijuana attorney foresees growth, profit and opportunities in fledgling industry

As the home of a statewide law practice exclusively centered on marijuana, Elma just didn’t quite work for attorney Chris Crew.

Attorney Chris Crew discusses last week how he exclusively deals with cannabis-related matters at his law office in Lakewood.

Ruston council could vote to work with Tacoma on Point Ruston permitting

The Ruston City Council could vote Tuesday to form an agreement with Tacoma to work together on permitting for the $1.2 billion Point Ruston development...