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239 years after the first Fourth: A look at the holiday by the numbers

Two hundred and thirty-nine years after that first Fourth, a look at this weekend’s holiday by the numbers.

Fireworks safety: Start with water and common sense

The NW Insurance Council is offering tips on fireworks safety for this weekend’s celebration.

Jimmie Minchew of Fort Worth, Texas, shows an assortment of fireworks for sale in a stand operated by he and Dustin Shores in Parker, Texas.

Spokane tops state in auto thefts; Tacoma-Seattle joins in nationwide Top 10

With 20,268 car thefts in 2014, the Tacoma-Seattle-Bellevue area has placed eighth on the list of U.S. “hot spots” as compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Marijuana expo in Tacoma seeking judges to rate cannabis products

Come August, Tacoma and the armory will welcome the two-day NW Cannabis Classic, a three-city trade show, conference and competition featuring vendors...

Medical marijuana plants for sale at The Farmacy, a popular California medical marijuana dispensary, in November 2009.

Stock-picking isn’t dead, but it may not be best either

CHICAGO There’s a fine line between “the best way to invest” and “the best way for me to invest.”