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Local business leader offers lifetime of lessons learned from family and business

The roots of Corry McFarland’s Lifetime Achievement Award embrace no mystery.

Corry McFarland at the LeMay America’s Car Museum where he is the board chairman. He has been honored for his work at the McFarland- Cascade  company in  Tacoma.

Gordon Rush, CEO of Rush Development

Business Leader of the Year It starts with fish and one house.

Stephanie Stebich, director of the Tacoma Art Museum

NonProfit Business Leader of the Year Over nine years, Stephanie Stebich has led the Tacoma Art Museum into national prominence.

Hal Russell, president and CEO of Commencement Bank

Small Business Leader of the Year When Hal Russell founded Commencement Bank in 2006, fully 10 banks were based in Pierce County. Today, four remain. In 2006, no banks failed. Thereafter: the deluge.

Lonely pay phone symbolizes 30 years of industry that left it behind long ago

It hangs on the wall of a major retailing establishment (think meatballs and assemble-it-yourself furniture), ignored and unused, bearing the name of a company no longer in business, a device that wouldn’t be any more of a historical curiosity...