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'Gone Girl' director Fincher goes by the book

“It’s about tragedy vampirism,” said Fincher of what happens in “Gone Girl.” “It’s not tabloid journalism, it’s not sexy at all. It’s that thing that happens when righteous indignation...

‘My Little Pony’ film comes to Grand Cinema

Prepare for hordes of pink and purple clad girls to swarm the Grand Cinema this weekend.

7 Days Out: Your guide to fun in the South Sound

Your guide to fun in the South Sound

‘Skeleton Twins’ reteams Wiig, Hader as sad-faced siblings

It’s the phone call no one wants to answer. A relative has been hospitalized. He tried to kill himself.

Bill Hader, left, and Kristen Wiig are siblings in “Skeleton Twins.”

‘Love is Strange’ benefits from engaging stars, and little else

“Love is Strange” is a sweet, random little nothing that pairs up John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as a longtime couple whose lives change...

Alfred Molina, left, and John Lithgow star in “Love Is Strange.”