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Marysville-Pilchuck High shootings hit too close to home

For people with ties to Marysville, this feels weird and heartbreaking. It's unjust that someone in England or China now knows my hometown only as...


Some welcome movement on South Sound trails

The most exciting development took place not outdoors but inside Pierce County Council chambers.

A runner crosses over the Puyallup River in McMillin on a former railroad bridge that is part of the Foothills Trail.

Even more gridlock likely if GOP takes the Senate

The GOP's greatest leverage would be over appointments requiring Senate confirmation.

Cokie and Steve Roberts

It's harmful when outside billionaire tries to influence elections here

All Americans have the right to participate in the electoral process, but there can easily be abuses when outsiders try to influence local elections...

Rob McKenna

Gun limits are a key women's issue

The risk of death in a domestic dispute increases five-fold when a gun is available.

Rekha Basu