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Call me black, not African-American

For the Kenyans I interacted with, having black skin also means being African. For me, being black means, well, being black.

Aisha Harris

A Gaza tale the world has yet to grasp

TV interviewers give pathetically short shrift to the key question: How could Hamas and its enablers justify the inhumanity of locating launchers, ...

Martin Schram

The awful decisions I’ve made to protect my Palestinian children from this war

Since the war started, though, I’m stumped more and more often – and the questions are multiplying. What is happening, Mom? Why are they killing children?

Forces destablizing weak and developing nations

Together, the market, Mother Nature and Moore’s Law are stressing out developed countries and helping to blow up weak ones.

Thomas L. Friedman

Ryan’s poverty proposal notable for just existing

One welcomes even this flawed proposal. One hopes it presages renewed GOP interest in an issue the party has largely ceded to the Democrats.