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How Sarah Palin could change the media, and why she won’t

The Sarah Palin Channel suggests that Palin still wants both reality television money and Republican Party influence.

The GOP may boast best field of presidential candidates in a generation

The class of candidates for 2016 has the potential to be the most robust in almost 40 years – perhaps in modern Republican history.

John Dickerson

'Black Dog Syndrome': Don’t judge a pooch by his color

In both cats and dogs, black animals were ranked at the bottom for friendliness and adoptability. And black dogs were imagined as more aggressive ...

In early July, Dante, a black pit bull, had been waiting for adoption at The Humane Society Tacoma/Pierce County since mid-May. Black dogs and cats are adopted at lower rates than other pets.

My son has been suspended five times. He’s 3.

We can no longer put a Band-Aid on our nation’s preschool-to-prison pipeline, which pushes children out of the education system and criminalizes relatively minor offenses.

Time to look at military retirement pay

The bipartisan budget deal would have eliminated a 1 percent COLA for military retirees under Social Security age and able to work. The House and Senate, pressured by veterans’ groups, reinstated the increase for retirees. That amount could...