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A ‘surcharge’ on critics of government

The Clark County Commission his looking at imposing an “environmental surcharge” on The Columbian, the region’s Vancouver-based...

$15 hourly wage will be a killer for many small businesses

Let me tell you the reasons, from a business perspective, why a $15 per hour minimum wage is a terrible idea.

Orting needs a Safe Streets approach

People in Orting have every reason to be on edge. One of their own, Michael Compton, was murdered in his front yard two months ago after interrupting...

Chris Hopfauf, organizer of “Compton’s Crew,” drives around residential neighborhoods in Orting April 16.

Old oil tanker cars, old regulations, new danger

Freight trains have an excellent overall safety record, which is why we don’t flee at the sight of them. But the growing numbers of oil trains...

Sen. Patty Murray speaks at an April 9 hearing on Capitol Hill on safety issues related to increasing rail transport of crude oil.