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Five myths about ALS

There is no reliable data to suggest that ALS is started by an infection or transmitted by patients to others.

In this image from video posted on Facebook, courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, former President George W. Bush participates in the ice bucket challenge with the help of his wife, Laura Bush, in Kennebunkport, Maine.

The Islamic State isn’t just killing people. It’s destroying a culture

The Islamic State is ransacking archaeological sites and extracting a “tax” on smugglers moving stolen artifacts.

In this July 24, 2014 file photo, people walk on the rubble of the destroyed Mosque of The Prophet Younis, or Jonah, in Mosul, 225 miles (360 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq. The revered Muslim shrine was destroyed by militants who overran the city in June and imposed their harsh interpretation of Islamic law.

Europe slowly surrenders to intolerence

“Jews to the gas,” a chant heard at rallies in Germany, still has the capacity to shock.

Will Ferguson be a moment or a movement?

Events such as the killing of unarmed, 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., can provide the moral shock that political movements need to build their ranks and bring attention to a community’s afflictions. They can be like the murder...

Drop 'Redskins' – honor the Lumbee

The Lumbee have never gotten the recognition they deserve for their role in the Battle of Hayes Pond, a shootout with the Ku Klux Klan 56 years ago.

Stephen L. Carter