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Obama’s immigration order? The scary thing is that it isn’t obviously an illegal move

When Congress fails to check the other branches, the executive, acting alone, aggrandizes the legislative power from generation to generation.

Time for Obama to listen to defense secretaries

The budget cuts Chuck Hagel was supposed to be guiding would make the military the smallest it had been since before World War II.

Ferguson’s grand jury delivers a mockery of justice

The prosecutors got the result they wanted – no indictment – without the inconvenience of having to explain their decision not to prosecute. It was an elaborate evasion of responsibility.

The complicated rules of citizenship

The founders and their descendants avoided the hard political, moral and legal questions about membership posed by Indians, slaves and black freemen. The Constitution used the term “citizen” but did not define it.

GOP ponders its next move in wake of Obama’s immigration action

Not only politicians but eminent legal scholars have lined up to cheer their own sides’ positions.