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Washington school levies: The haves get; the have-nots don’t

The district in which children live should not restrict their access to the most effective teachers and the best public education.

Cassie Rorie worked with her fourth-grade class at Southworth Elementary School in Yelm in January.

Candidate’s gender doesn’t move me much

Not a Democrat for Hillary? Good luck leaning forward, at least in this town.

Will someone tell Wayne LaPierre ‘normal' is gone for good?

As insults go, it was a rather neatly crafted twofer, demeaning both the nation’s first African-American president and the candidate seeking...

It’s possible to curry flavor, even in Germany

That’s what travel does for a person: You learn about stuff while eating it.

Britt McHenry forgot she's not in high school anymore

The ESPN reporter pretty much hit every note on the "Do you know who I am?" scale in berating a tow company employee.

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was suspended for a week after a video surfaced of her insulting a towing company clerk's intelligence, job and appearance.