Peter Callaghan Newsletter


Peter Callaghan: We lived there 21 years, but it wasn’t ‘our’ house

It's just a house. I know. But without sounding like an insurance commercial, you don't realize it's more than that until it's empty of the items that make it a home.

Peter Callaghan: Abe Lincoln as founding father of Tacoma? Well, sort of

Wednesday is the 150th anniversary of an event that made Washington state what it is today – for better and for worse.

Peter Callaghan: Relay For Life monument belongs at UPS

The place where it all began likely won’t be the place where the international phenomenon known as the Relay For Life will be commemorated.

Peter Callaghan: Digital dragnets are stalking privacy rights, as well as crime

No, I don’t feel safer.

Peter Callaghan: Steve Kirby’s a funny guy, but he raises serious money

Steve Kirby is considered one of the funnier members of the Washington Legislature.