NW Detention Center

Center of Detention: Northwest Detention Center


  • A rare look inside Tacoma's Northwest Detention Center

    CENTER OF DETENTION, PART 1: The building could be any other industrial warehouse on Tacoma’s Tideflats, if it weren’t for the razor wire surrounding it. The man could be any other middle-aged father living in Pierce County, if he weren’t facing deportation. An immigration lockup. An illegal immigrant. Two lives intertwined by a common, tangled thread: U.S. immigration policy.

  • An immigrant finds the American dream – and loses it

    CENTER OF DETENTION, PART II: After years in the US, Oscar Campos Estrada finds himself on ICE radar. Meanwhile, the deportation business booms at the Northwest Detention Center.

  • Illegal immigrant out of jail and into deportation process

    CENTER OF DETENTION, PART III: Two decades after he illegally slipped over the U.S. border from Mexico, Oscar Campos Estrada’s life as an illegal immigrant finally catches up to him. Meanwhile, the expanding Northwest Detention Center becomes a flashpoint in the immigration debate.

  • The complicated world of immigration law

    CENTER OF DETENTION, PART IV: Illegal aliens can use a number of strategies to stay in the U.S., but most have considerable hurdles.

  • A glimmer of hope for former NWDC inmate

    CENTER OF DETENTION, PART V: Oscar Campos Estrada, an undocumented Mexican national living near Tacoma, has bounced between life’s personal milestones and a pending procedural reality since his release on bond a year ago from the Northwest Detention Center.