Animals use different strategies in hidden world of camouflage

Most of us are familiar with the idea of camouflage. Everywhere you go, you can see people in “camo” clothing, hats, boots and jackets. This style is typically earth tone greens and browns in a variety of patterns that were originally designed for hunters or military personnel to blend into the natural environment. Regardless of the camo style, the idea is the same: blend into the environment so that it is more difficult to be seen and identified.


Trail of the week: Eatonville’s Pack Forest

Views of Nisqually River Valley, giant trees highlight 8.3-mile hike

Forest can be accessed from Eatonville via Bud Blancher Trail.

Charles Lathrop Pack Experimental Forest is home to University of Washington’s Center for Sustainable Forestry


On the road for Feb. 11

Look at hundreds of artifacts from Burke Museum collections

Evergreen State College archaeologists will be on hand

Give a try throwing an atlatl, try on diving gear