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Mary Ann of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ to sign books at Tacoma Cabana

It’s been just over 50 years since the seven misfits of “Gilligan’s Island” were marooned on a Pacific Ocean island. At least one them, Mary Ann, finally got off the island.

Dawn Wells, who played the sweet-as-apple pie Mary Ann, will be appearing in Tacoma on Dec. 11.

“Gilligan’s Island” was as silly and farcical as any TV sitcom has been. And yet the crew and passengers of the SS Minnow worked their way into the psyches of a generation of Americans.

Wells has a new book out, “What Would Mary Ann Do?,” and will be holding a book signing at Tacoma’s own tiki-themed lounge, Tacoma Cabana. The downtown bar/restaurant on Pacific Avenue continually shows “Gilligan’s Island” reruns on one of its TVs.

“Gilligan’s Island” ran from 1964–1967 on CBS and spanned the transition from black and white TV to color. The theme of each episode usually revolved around a scheme to get off the island. By the end of each show the plan was usually spoiled by perpetual goof-up and first mate Gilligan (Bob Denver.)

Aside from the antics of the contrasting characters viewers were entertained by the endless variety of devices the castaways could create out of bamboo, including a pedal-powered car.

Wells’ character of Mary Ann Summers was portrayed as a pig-tail wearing farm girl from Kansas. Wells grew up in Reno, Nev. and is a former Miss Nevada. She has previously published a book, “Mary Ann’s Gilligan’s Island Cookbook.”

Entry to the event is $25 and includes a signed copy of the book and a photo op with Wells. The event runs from 1–3 p.m. and is limited to 100 people.

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