On SNL's 'Weekend Update,' Washington State Parks steal spotlight from national parks

They botched the facts, but they got their laughs.

"Weekend Update," a "Saturday Night Live" staple, made reference in Saturday's broadcast to the $1 million donation given to Washington's three national parks earlier in the week.

Michael Che, who hosts the news satire segment with Colin Jost, mistakenly referred to the donation by the estate of Bette Wallace as being targeted for Washington's state parks.

Not that the little error mattered much, Che was simply using the item to set up Heidi Gardner's recurring act as Angel, "Every Boxer's Girlfriend From Every Movie About Boxing Ever."

In the bit, Gardner is emotionally (and dramatically) distraught about her boyfriend's upcoming fight. She explains repeatedly she won't watch the fight and is taking the kids to her sister's house during match.

She responds in disgust to various good news stories. The upcoming royal wedding in Great Britain: "You think you're marrying a prince on a white horse? That's what I thought until my prince rode in on a white stretcher." The "Rosanne" reboot: "I still watch 'Frasier' on VHS."

Midway through the bit, Che says, "Hey, this is a fun story. So, this week a woman donated $1 million to Washington State parks."

Gardner rolls her eyes and interrupts, "Ohhhhh, Washington State parks, yeah. Yeah, you kiddin' me?"

Then, pointing at the camera, she says, "You think just because you win a little prize money suddenly everything is going to be OK? All the money. In the world. Isn't gunna change what's coming to you.

"That's right, global warming! And when climate change knocks you out, Washington State parks, I'm not gunna be there. I'm gunna be at 555 Whitey Bulger Way."

Che, trying to keep a straight face, tries to ask about the address, before he's interrupted again. "My sister's, alright. And I'd go to my brother's but he's in prison and his wife's a (expletive)."

Wallace's estate made the $1 million donation to Washington's National Park Fund, a philanthropic partner of the state's national parks, last week. The money will be distributed evenly between Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic national parks.

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