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Great State Burger, Twin Peaks may open new sites in Tacoma

Two brand names from the restaurant world have submitted preliminary paperwork to the city for their first locations in Tacoma.

While both carry burgers on their menus, and both filed their applications in September, that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Keep in mind these are from early documents filed with the city, and plans could change.

Great State Burger

Great State Burger, with five Seattle locations and one in Bellevue, is proposing a new restaurant for 2101 N. 30th St. in Tacoma. That address is the former Old Town Music Society rental venue site.

Great State’s menu emphasizes environmental sustainability and local and organic sourcing, even down to its organic milkshakes.

“Fast food shouldn’t mean bad food,” it says on its website.

It’s also big on promoting employee relations.

Our team members are brilliant, talented and dynamic, and we are building an environment that is meaningful for them,” it says on its website. “We firmly believe this is one of those happy occasions where doing the right thing for people produces a positive business outcome.”

Its tentative construction start date is the first of the year.

Great State’s targeting of the family market stands in contrast with another recent application filed.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Sports Bar & Restaurant has filed a preliminary application for an addition/remodel to the site at 4201 S. Steele St.

The location was formerly home to Adriatic Grill, which closed in 2018.

Twin Peaks has tentatively scheduled construction to start in March, according to the application.

Its nearest restaurant location for now is in Tukwila, just off Southcenter Parkway.

A Business Insider article from 2018 noted that as Hooters’ business model had started to fade, Twin Peaks was there to take its place along with a “foodie-approved” menu.

In fact, Hooters closed its 6812 Tacoma Mall Blvd. site in July after 16 years of operation. More than 400 still exist in the U.S.

Amid its market success, Twin Peaks also has been at the center of a federal complaint filed last year over discrimination and sexual harassment issues involving treatment of its female employees at an Illinois location.

At the time of the filing, Twin Peaks CEO Joe Hummel told The Chicago Tribune in an emailed response that the allegations were “baseless.”

Twin Peaks bills itself as “much more than your typical sports bar,” with its lodge design and food made from scratch along with beers from its own brewing company based in Irving, Texas.

News of the two entities’ applications first surfaced in a local Reddit post.