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Bakery expansion brings pie, cake, cookies, croissants to downtown Puyallup

A frosted peppermint sugar cookie from The Tattered Apron Bakery.
A frosted peppermint sugar cookie from The Tattered Apron Bakery.

South Hill’s The Tattered Apron Bakery will bring its four-layer cakes, fresh fruit-cobbler bars, pies-in-a-jar, giant sugar cookies and the area’s tastiest Danish to downtown Puyallup later this summer.

The expansion will come about a year after the bakery opened its doors in South Hill.

Before opening her brick-and-mortar location, Jessica Duggan started the bakery as a farmers-market staple in 2014.

The downtown location will open in the space currently occupied by My Cheese Shoppe at 202 S. Meridian. After six years, owner Laurie Sanders-Polen announced last week she would close her cheese store and sandwich cafe on June 24. She reached out to Duggan to tell her the space would become available, and Duggan signed on.

Pie is sold whole or by the slice at The Tattered Apron Bakery in South Hill. The bakery is expanding this year to downtown Puyallup. Sue Kidd

Business has been great, said Duggan, and the downtown shop is just the right location at just the right time.

“We keep hitting good numbers. We had our best month. We even took a day off,” said Duggan (for the record, she and husband Brian shopped at IKEA and drank margaritas on that rare day off).

The downtown location will be a satellite operation, said Duggan. That means all the goodies will be baked at the South Hill kitchen and shuttled down the hill to the second location. They do plan to assemble breakfast items and sandwiches at the downtown Puyallup store.

There South Hill location will continue to operate as it always has.

Lemon bar 1
A lemon bar from The Tattered Apron Bakery. Sue Kidd

One customer base she aims to serve is people who refuse to traverse Meridian up to South Hill because of traffic.

“Since they won’t come to us, we’re going to bring our bakeshop down there to them,” she said.

Tattered Apron Danish
A Danish is one specialty at The Tattered Apron Bakery. Sue Kidd

Duggan also would like to capture downtown morning commuters who might be interested in picking up breakfast on their way to the train station.

“My hope is to have a curbside-to-go for commuters,” she said.

The bakery will offer limited seating for about a dozen or fewer and will serve drip coffee, the same as the South Hill location.

Otherwise, expect the same rotation of daily baked goods, including brownies, cupcakes, cookie bars, muffins, jam-filled scones, cinnamon rolls, ham-and-cheese croissants and cake or pie by-the-slice. The bakery is known for old-fashioned desserts made the way Duggan’s grandmother taught her.

The Tattered Apron Bakery

South Hill: 14207 Meridian Ave. E., Puyallup; 253-845-4365;

Coming soon: 202 S. Meridian, Puyallup.