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Have another doughnut. 3 bakeries now open

A pink rainbow frosted cake doughnut at Top Pot Doughnuts in the Proctor neighborhood.
A pink rainbow frosted cake doughnut at Top Pot Doughnuts in the Proctor neighborhood.

Within a few short weeks, two doughnut bakeries opened and another is on the way to Pierce County. Here’s a look at where to get your fix.

Legendary Doughnuts

Orting, welcome to your crash course in “doughsants” and “coasties.”

Those are specialties of The Legendary Doughnut Bakery, which opened Tuesday in downtown Orting in the space formerly occupied by the Orting Bakery.

Some of its creations include a doughnut panini ice cream sandwich, a doughnut built with a frosting unicorn horn, towering doughnut birthday cakes, bacon-cheddar doughnuts called “coasties” and the croissant-doughnut hybrid the bakery calls “doughsants.”

For newcomers, Legendary’s slice of the pastry market is closer to Voodoo Doughnut than the purists behind Pao’s.

Owner Shannon Patten opened her first Legendary Doughnuts in 2010 in Lake Tapps and then expanded to Tacoma, Covington, Frederickson and Federal Way.

Patten said she’ll introduce new items at the Orting Bakery. One is a pie cone, which she described as a chocolate-lined ice cream cone filled with fruit filling and served á la mode.

Also new to the store will be more savory-sweet combinations: A sausage-and-egg breakfast doughnut sandwich and another with turkey and bacon. Also, grilled pocket pies filled with fruit.

Details: Find Orting’s Legendary Doughnuts at 212 Washington Ave. S.; 360-872-0517;

Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts

Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts opened its first Pierce County location June 8 in the Proctor neighborhood. Although the bakery was founded in Seattle, its owners hail from here. Brothers Mark and Mike Klebeck grew up in Lakewood. Mark is a 1983 Clover Park High School grad. Mike graduated the following year.

Their 20-plus locations extend from Seattle to Texas.

What you’ll find in Tacoma:

Dining room: A 70-seat cafe inviting diners to sip and stay in contrast to most of Tacoma’s doughnut shops built for quick in-and-out service. Shelving units — all the cabinetry was handmade by Mike Klebeck — jammed with books for perusing. Schoolhouse-style chairs invite lingering.

In the case: Well stocked, somewhat narrow in categories (your visit may differ). Three dozen flavors of doughnuts represented six doughnut types: Bars/twists, old-fashioneds, cake doughnuts, filled doughnuts, fritters and rings. Each category held multiple flavors. Old-fashioneds had a choice of lemon, raspberry, maple, chocolate or salted caramel glaze. Cake doughnuts came in chocolate or raspberry coated, powdered, coated in crushed cookies, maple frosted, pink rainbow sprinkles or even Seahawks-themed sprinkles. Filled doughnuts included ovaltine cream, Bavarian cream, lemon curd and raspberry. Bars and twists included cinnamon, maple and chocolate frosted.

Get the: Powdered doughnut filled with Ovaltine-flavored chocolate cream is my all-time Top Pot favorite.

Price: Above market for Tacoma, but not outlandish. A dozen for $19.99, a half dozen is $12.99. Singles are $1.29 for plain, $1.99 for standard old-fashioneds or cake doughnuts, $2.29 for fancier versions and $2.69 for filled. Doughnuts trucked in from the company’s central bakery in SeaTac.

Also: Scones, muffins, granola cookies and savory buns, plus at least one gluten-free pastry.

For breakfast: Hand-held pies that tasted like flaky, egg-filled empanadas ($3.99 each). Choices included bacon-egg, spinach, egg and sausage and poblano and egg.

Ice cream: Soft serve in a cake cone ($2.50) or waffle ($3). Floats ($4).

When ice cream and doughnuts collide: Sundaes ($4-$5) built with a choice of a doughnut.

Espresso: Drip, Americano and all the standards, plus an Ovaltine latte. The bakery roasts its coffee beans in its Seattle Fifth Avenue location. Neighbors have told me about the scarcity of espresso in Proctor, although things are getting better. Alegre Bakery and Gelato, with a full espresso menu, just opened nearby and Olympia Coffee Roasters announced a Proctor neighborhood expansion two weeks ago.

What about the UP bakery? Klebeck said he still doesn’t have an opening date for the University Place Top Pot bakery, but expect it to open this summer.

Details: Find Top Pot at 2724 N. Proctor St.; 253-433-3852;

Luke’s Donuts

Luke Pothan was a teenager when he started working at his father’s Tacoma bakery, Helen’s Donuts and Ice Cream. Six years later, he’s got a bakery of his own.

Pothan and girlfriend Siva Hope opened Luke’s Donuts June 1 in the South Hill bakery space that previously held Epic Donuts.

His bakery style resembles that of his father, Steve Pothan, who carries the best selection of fritter flavors in Tacoma. Pothan also stocks multiple fritter flavors in his case. He additionally bakes a bear claw as big as your face, tosses free doughnut holes on top of every dozen purchased and scoops ice cream.

Here’s what you’ll find at Luke’s:

Space: It’s a standing-room-only tiny bakery that’s little more than a display case and counter.

In the case: Well stocked with broad doughnut offerings. More than 40 doughnut flavors representing 10 doughnut categories: Bars/twists, old-fashioneds, cake doughnuts, filled doughnuts, fritters, rings, cinnamon rolls, bear claws, buttermilk bars and doughnut holes.

Get the: Fritters. Apple and blueberry on my visit, but look for banana most days. Watch the Facebook page for the debut of new flavors. Pineapple and peach were recently featured.

Price: $9.59 for a dozen small doughnuts to $13.59 for fancy/large doughnuts (such as bear claws, fritters or cinnamon rolls). Half dozen, $5.59-$7.59. Individually priced are 89 cents for plain cake or glazed raised rings, $1.09-$1.19 for buttermilk, twists or filled, $1.39-$1.49 for bear claws and fritters.

Ice cream: Scooped ice cream in a sugar or cake cone ($1.69 single/$2.69 double), waffle cone ($2.69/$3.59), or a cup ($2.69/$3.59).

Espresso: Full espresso menu, plus smoothies, milk shakes and iced drinks.

Details: Find Luke’s Donuts at 12314 Meridian E., Puyallup; 253-770-4996;