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Ice Cream Social opens second scoop shop

Find all kinds of ice cream and sorbet at Ice Cream Social.
Find all kinds of ice cream and sorbet at Ice Cream Social. Staff file, 2016

Ice Cream Social opened its second scoop cafe Wednesday. The Tacoma-based ice cream company’s second store is at Point Ruston on the Tacoma-Ruston waterfront.

The original Ice Cream Social opened in Tacoma’s Sixth Avenue neighborhood in 2014.

The Point Ruston cafe is small, with seating for just under 30. It opened with ice cream by the scoop in dishes or cones, but will expand to shakes soon.

Layla Issac founded Ice Cream Social in 2012. She started her business selling ice cream at local farmers markets. Today, in addition to the two cafes, Ice Cream Social products can be found on menus throughout Tacoma.

Early on, the ice cream company drew a following for its fanciful flavors and use of premium ingredients (some of them sourced locally).

Alongside popular flavors such as vanilla bean and chocolate, it offers unusual profiles not often affiliated with ice cream, such as star anise, rose, fig, balsamic vinegar and lavender.

The company also has a line of dairy-free and vegan ice creams that swap coconut milk or other ingredients for dairy.

Ice Cream Social isn’t the only place to get frozen desserts at Point Ruston.

Dolce Si, a Sicilian Bakery, opened at Point Ruston in 2015. In addition to Italian pastries and desserts, the cafe specializes in a broad selection of creamy gelato.

And speaking of gelato, Tacoma’s newest gelato cafe is now open. Alegre Bakery and Gelato opened in June in Tacoma’s Proctor neighborhood.

Ice Cream Social

Sixth Ave: 2914 Sixth Ave., Tacoma; 253-327-1660;

Point Ruston: 5107 Main St., Ruston.