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The Habit Burger Grill is opening a restaurant in Tacoma

A rendering of what two new buildings will look like at the Westgate North Shopping Center.
A rendering of what two new buildings will look like at the Westgate North Shopping Center. Courtesy

If you’ve been keeping your eye on those new buildings springing up at North 26th and North Pearl streets, there’s finally some news about which restaurants are opening there.

The Habit Burger Grill, the fast-food burger restaurant known for its charbroiled patties, is set to open in one of two new buildings at the Westgate North development.

The building is currently under construction and resides in the same complex as Safeway.

“Habit Burger will be in the smaller of the new building spaces. They’re taking a portion of the building,” said Jeremiah Durr with First Western Properties, the leasing agency for the development.

The other half of the building —known as Building G on site plans — will hold a Qdoba Grill, the fast-casual Mexican restaurant (tip: another Qdoba is slated for University Place in the coming months).

The construction for Westgate North is well underway. Durr said the builder anticipates finishing the shell of the building in about the next month. Then, construction will begin on the interior for Habit Burger.

According to business licensing, Habit Burger’s operator will be Abdullah Jafrey. He also operates Habit Burgers in Kent, Silverdale, Tukwila and Shoreline.

The Habit Burger Grill is a California-based outfit serving charburgers made from fresh ground beef, and all the burger accessories: battered onion rings, french fries, sandwiches, salads, shakes, sundaes and cones. At the Kent location, burgers are priced $3.65 to $6.20 with fries at $2.15 and rings at $2.50. Sandwiches are listed as $5.29 to $7.39.

The closest Habit Burger Grills are Silverdale or Kent. This will be Pierce County’s first location.

As for Westgate North, there’s a possibility for another restaurant there.

Nearby Building H, which is also under construction, holds CHI Franciscan, but there’s another space with 3,800 square feet and room for a restaurant with table service, Durr said.

Habit Burger

Where: 2601 N. Pearl St., Suite G-1, Tacoma;

Opening: Under construction now.