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Raw power: Two tuna dishes to try in the South Sound

Two South Sound restaurants do terrific things with raw tuna. Take a look.

The dish: Ahi crisps, $14

Where: The Gig Harbor restaurant, JW

Although the menu described the dish as seared, the tuna at JW was about as rare as rare can get. The ahi was cubed and served aside a heavily dressed slaw with a sweet-and-sour plum sauce. Crispy fried wontons made for easy dipping and I appreciated that the ratio of chips-to-dip was dead accurate down to the last cube of ahi. Texture was important here; I liked the seesaw between crunchy and creamy. Find JW at 4107 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor; 253-858-3529 or

The dish: Negihama roll, $7.95

Where: Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

The Lakewood sushi restaurant Kyoto had what I think is the best negihama roll ($7.95) in our area. Negihama (also spelled nigihama at some restaurants) is a chopped tuna salad dressed with scallions and sesame. The fine dice on the tuna created a tight, compact roll and I liked that Kyoto seems to tweak its sushi rice with an extra dose of vinegar. It’s one of my favorite sushi stops in the South Sound. Find Kyoto at 8722 South Tacoma Way, Lakewood; 253-581-7229.