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Ale House Pub and Eatery in University Place opens after 2 years

Nearly two years after a fire damaged its kitchen, the Ale House Pub and Eatery in University Place reopened Monday. The staff started serving at 11 a.m.

So much has changed since that fire shuttered the longtime eatery. The pub is reopening with new owners, a new menu and some cosmetic upgrades to the dining room. (Fire damage was contained to the kitchen.)

What’s the same? There are still 64 beers on tap. There’s still shuffleboard. And there’s still family-friendly seating and dining.

“We didn’t change the taps; we’ll have a strong emphasis on Northwest breweries,” said Jon Ecklund, who now co-owns the restaurant with business partner Peter Delyanis. They’re both experienced in the business world, but this is a first pub and eatery for both. They purchased the building and business from the Dickens family, who had owned the Ale House since 2000.

The menu will still list burgers and sandwiches. They’ve added a few other items, too.

Two years is a long time to wait for a restaurant reopening. I asked — why did it take so long? The answer was complicated. There were construction delays. There were permit complications. There were updates needed to the building. There was the purchase of the building and the restaurant.

“The other side of that coin, it’s given us more time to plan. There’s no new surprises lurking in the future. That’s been a benefit,” said Delyanis.