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Italian bakery and gelateria to open in Point Ruston

Dolce Si will open in the Point Ruston development in late November, if all goes as planned.
Dolce Si will open in the Point Ruston development in late November, if all goes as planned. Staff writer

Gelato. Cannoli. Pignolata. Bignè. Panettone. Cannoncini.

An entire vocabulary of Italian pastries and sweets will be new to South Sound bakery fans when Dolce Si Sicilian Bakery and Cafe opens in Point Ruston. The bakery and gelateria plans a late November opening, if all goes as planned.

It will be the only bakery of its kind in the South Sound area.

Behind the restaurant are Steve and Elisabetta O’Shea. The two met while Steve was stationed in Italy for the Navy. Elisabetta was born and raised in Sicily. They returned to the area in 2003 and now reside in Graham.

In 2007, Elisabetta, an avid home cook, graduated from South Seattle Community College’s pastry arts program. After graduation, she worked at the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority before putting her career on hold to stay home with their children while Steve was deployed in back-to-back assignments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The cafe will be what the couple call “an authentic look at what you would find in a upscale café in Sicily.”

Their artist friends Fabio and Alessandra Tangorra, from Caltagirone, Italy, crafted the custom tables and ceramic tiles that will lend an Italian feel to the cafe that also will specialize in Italian beer, wine and spirits.

The cafe will be the area’s first dedicated gelateria with 14 flavors of gelato (that’s a creamy Italian ice cream) offered daily. A number of flavors will rotate through the gelato case, and O’Shea also has plans to make gelato cakes and granita Siciliana, the sorbet-like Italian dessert.

Pastries run the gamut from sweet to savory. Here’s a quick look at what they’ve got planned.

Savory: Cipolline, a ham, cheese and onion filled pastry; the savory pastry cartocciate; and fried rice balls stuffed with savory ingredients called arancini.

Cakes and breads: Cassata, a layered sponge cake; Italian cake/bread panettone; the sweet yeast bread pandoro; and colomba pasquale, the dove-shaped sweet bread.

Cookies: Almond paste cookies called paste di mandorla and soft pignolata cookies that are dual dipped in chocolate and lemon icing.

Pastries: Cream- or ricotta-filled cannoli; cream puffs called bignè; cream-filled pastry horns called cannoncini; the coffee-flavored cake dessert tiramisu; pastry cream-filled profiteroles; and cigni, which are pastries made in the shape of a swan.

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Where: 5005 Main St., Ruston.

Contact: 253-678-1229;

Opening: Expected to be late November.