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New owner, but still same pizza menu and karaoke

Puget Sound Pizza in Tacoma’s St. Helens neighborhood has a new owner.
Puget Sound Pizza in Tacoma’s St. Helens neighborhood has a new owner.

One of Tacoma’s favorite pizza-and-karaoke hangouts has a new owner. First-time business owner Cory Cannell bought Puget Sound Pizza earlier this month.

The St. Helens neighborhood restaurant originally opened in 2004 by Jim Higgins has changed hands twice. Martin Osborn and Shannon Stragier bought the restaurant from Higgins in 2011.

Although the ownership has changed, not much else will, said Cannell, whose purchase included the recipes and menu.

Don’t blame Cannell for the restaurant discontinuing breakfast service. The restaurant stopped serving that before Cannell purchased the pizzeria.

He does plan to replace the floors, paint the interior and reupholster the booths. He’ll do the work overnight after the restaurant closes. He might have to close the restaurant for up to a day to do a few more extensive projects.

The Milton resident and 2012 Bethel High School graduate previously was a manager at Domino’s and worked at Papa John’s before that.

Karaoke fans, don’t panic, your pipes will still get a good workout. The bar downstairs will continue its notorious karaoke sessions, which begin at 9 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays. Cannell also is considering bringing in occasional live music.

Puget Sound Pizza

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