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Find a doughnut truck and beer-mobile at the Washington State Fair

The U.F.O. from Original House of Donuts is a split raised-and-glazed doughnut filled with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce.
The U.F.O. from Original House of Donuts is a split raised-and-glazed doughnut filled with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. Courtesy

If you do the fair right, you’ll have an Earthquake Burger, Krusty Pup and elephant ear.

And if that doesn’t kill your cholesterol numbers, there’s this: The Original House of Donuts will serve for the first time at the Washington State Fair.

The Lakewood-based doughnut cafe will bring its bakery-on-wheels to this year’s fair. Find the doughnut-mobile near the roller coaster by the Orange Gate.

Owner Tom Peterson said in addition to the bakery’s regular doughnuts and mini doughnuts, he’s come up with three concoctions to serve.

The U.F.O. is a glazed raised doughnut sliced in half and filled with strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Think of the Coaster Bar as a banana split with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle stuffed inside of a sliced chocolate bar. The triple bacon will be like a maple bar on steroids, sliced and filled with marshmallow cream, chocolate sauce and lots of bacon.

Other toppings will be available, too.


Beer Haven: This brew-mobile is a giant roving taproom that holds up to 60 taps, many of which will come from local craft brewers. Last year, attendees could mix and match tastes of any size after purchasing a pour card (bartenders did the actual pouring). Last year’s price was $20 for 30 ounces, which works out to be roughly $10 a pint. Many of the taps are hard-to-find taps from small craft brewers, so we’re not talking $10 a pint for Coors Light. This year’s Beer Haven will have an entertainment stage. Find it near the Blue Gate.


Every year, I hear from readers about the cost of food at the fair. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, that’s annoying. Sorry, I can’t share my expense account with you.

Here are some of the better deals. These are from 2015’s fair.

Taco bargains: Three booths last year offered tacos for about $2 each. The tacos are of the crispy shell, ground beef-filled variety, the kind you’d scarf down at Taco Bell. Last year, Mo’s Mexican Kitchen, near Earthquake Burger, priced theirs $1.99 each; Fiesta Mexicana inside the International Village charged $1.97, and Macho Mex inside the Restaurant Building charged $2 a taco.

Scones: A $1.50 scone slathered with butter and jam won’t break your bank.

Krusty Pup: Last year, corn-batter-dipped hot dogs were $4.34.

Hot dogs: Besides corn dogs, hot dogs are among the best values. Bernie’s Burgers priced their all-beef dogs at $2.50 last year. Stop-n-Go had theirs at $3.25. Burger Palace priced hot dogs and corn dogs at $4. In 2015, inside the Restaurant Building, I found hot dogs for the following prices: Louie’s Place, $3.50; Hamburger Myers, $3.95; Fred’s Fair Fare, $4.25; Marlowe’s II, $4.29.