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Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One reports for March 30 – April 5

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Total Reports: 124

Patient fall

March 30 — A woman was walking down her back steps when she tripped on a ramp she has set up for her dog. She fell, twisting her right leg. When crews arrived, they found her in her backyard with an obvious deformity to her right tibia. Crews applied an air splint to her right lower leg and moved her to the medic unit. She was transported due to the possibility of a fracture.

Patient fall

March 31 — A woman was returning her cart in a local grocery store parking lot when she lost her grip and fell to the ground, striking her head on the asphalt. Several bystanders came to assist the patient. When crews arrived, it was stated that she did not lose consciousness and was able to get to her feet without any assistance. Crews noted that she had two abrasions on her face; one on her forehead and one to the bridge of her nose. Her wounds were cleaned and gauze was applied. She did not want to be transported and was driven home by her husband.

Motor vehicle accident on SR16

April 3 — A woman was driving on state Route 16 when she looked up and saw brake lights. She swerved to avoid another car, lost control and ended up in a ditch. Crews evaluated the patient and found her to be uninjured. She was ambulatory and her vehicle appeared to be undamaged. She did not wish to be transported. The scene was turned over to Washington State Patrol.

Altered level of consciousness

April 3 — Daughter of the patient called 911 when she felt his speech was slurring while talking to him on the phone, then she drove to his home. Upon arrival, the patient explained to crews that he was not in any discomfort, he just felt more tired than usual. It was noted that his caregiver gave him an allergy medication earlier in the day as a sleep aid, which he did not usually take. The daughter told crews she would stay with her father for the night to monitor him.