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Hearty red wines that pair with holiday dishes

Christmas is coming, and that often means meals that are richer, more bold and more comforting — and this calls for red wines.

During the holiday season, there are more opportunities to meet with friends and family during get-togethers, parties and dinners. The food served is often heartier, including roasted meats and vegetables, stews, casseroles, lasagna, ham and venison.

The flavors and textures associated with such dishes mean wines with bigger flavors and more structure. Protein and fats are great at taming bold, tannic wines, and this can mean a glorious food-pairing opportunity.

Here are a few big red wines we've tasted in recent weeks that should pair well with what you're likely to be eating, not only through the end of 2014 but also well into the winter months.

Ask for these at your favorite wine merchant or contact the wineries directly.