Marianne Binetti

Some gift ideas to make it easy on your favorite gardener — and yourself

Every gardener needs new gloves and the right equipment to do the job.
Every gardener needs new gloves and the right equipment to do the job. KRT

The season of gifting is upon us.

Gardening is the only activity that fulfills all five senses, is good for your health, (all that fresh air and exercise) your wealth (fresh produce and improving your home’s curb appeal) and, just like Christmas, gardening promotes peace and good will.

Celebrate and encourage the gardeners you know or plant the seed of gardening with one of these gift suggestions:

Dirt cheap stocking stuffers to keep fingers dry

Every gardener needs new gloves, especially the type with the nitrile finger tips and palm. Winter and early spring weather is wet and wild, so in our climate you need several pair.

The simple luxury of slipping on a dry pair of gloves in the middle of a wet job cannot be over stated.

Better to give this gift before the holidays to encourage the harvest of winter evergreens for indoor and outdoor décor.

Santa’s helpers also use nitrile-tipped gloves for hanging Christmas lights.

Quality pruning tools are a cut above

If you’ve got thorny plants, you need long-handled loppers.

Blackberry brambles, rose canes and hard-to-reach overhead branches are not the pruning tasks I look forward to. But when armed with my long-handled Corona loppers I feel superhuman because the jaws slice through branches so easily.

The secret is the dual-link design of the forged lever. This unique, newly engineered design gives you three times the power for ease of cutting.

Corona loppers are perfect for winter pruning of cedar, nandina, holly and other greens to deck the halls.

Got tall trees? Corona also makes a tree saw and pruner with this same triple-cutting power technology.

The serrated saw blade and the pruning head are both at the end of an extendable pole. You stand on the ground, hook onto a branch up to 12 feet high and then pull a rope at the bottom of the pole to activate the cutting mechanism.

Safe, silent and good for the ego, as you’ll really feel like you grew more muscle.

Give this tool to a gardener that should stay off of ladders.

Garden show tickets are easy to wrap

If you’ve attended the Tacoma Home and Garden Show in the past, you know how welcome that bit of spring is during January.

You can order tickets online at for less than 10 bucks and treat someone to an early spring.

This year the show will runs from Jan.-27 at the Tacoma Dome.

Full disclosure here: I’ll be speaking Thursday through Saturday and hope to see readers of this column in the audience.

Mention this newspaper and you might even win tickets to the Northwest Flower and Garden show from Feb. 20-24 at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle.

If you want to give discounted tickets to stuff a stocking before Christmas, then go online to

Giving tickets to a winter home show or attending an early spring garden show is one way to jump start a better spring garden – without actually having to go outdoors.

And support your local nursery by giving gift certificates to keep growing.

Keep dreaming

Winter is for scheming and dreaming and also for researching just the right variety of tree or shrub to enhance a landscape. Any gift that celebrates gardening helps make the world a better place.

Don’t commercialize Christmas. Go green instead.

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