Woman incompetent to stand trial for stabbing her mother to death at South Hill home

For the second time, Meshawn West has been found incompetent to stand trial for allegedly stabbing her mother to death at the family’s South Hill home.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson dismissed the first-degree murder charge against West on Wednesday, court records show. He took the action after psychologists reported that, despite ongoing treatment, West’s mental illness still keeps her from fully understanding her case and from helping her attorney.

As part of the judge’s order, the 45-year-old will be evaluated for civil commitment to Western State Hospital.

Which has all happened before.

The murder charge first was dismissed in 2014, after psychologists diagnosed West with paranoid schizophrenia.

After that she was civilly committed, until prosecutors learned she was at a point in treatment where she was going to be released. In response, they refiled the murder charge Nov. 29.

West has told investigators she fatally stabbed her mother on Oct. 27, 2012, after 59-year-old Joyce West “spiritually raped” her and molested her with “witchcraft,” according to charging papers.

A recent psychological evaluation, dated April 3, states:

"She fixated on being released from the hospital, and referenced how telling the court about the past witchcraft performed by her mother, and the witchcraft she continues to experience would be favorable for her case because people need to hear the ‘truth.' "

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