Like to kick back with some weed and a beer? A brewer thinks you need weed IN your beer

Brewery Lagunitas is offering a beer flavored with cannabis compounds.
Brewery Lagunitas is offering a beer flavored with cannabis compounds. Bloomberg

Craft brewery Lagunitas has teamed with a cannabis vaping company to create SuperCritical, an IPA made with marijuana terpenes.

The beer contains no THC. Lagunitas told a Chicago Tribune reporter that the beer has been tested in the brewery’s lab, and “lots of people have had the beer, at this point, and NO ONE has experienced any psychotropic effects (to the dismay of some!)”

Lagunitas’ partnership with vaping brand AbsoluteXtracts will also produce a cannabis oil containing hop terpenes, according to Lagunitas’ website. That product will have THC in it.

Terpenes, an organic compound produced by plants, are essential to the aromatic qualities of hops as well as a major component of cannabis plants.

The beer is available only in California at this time. Lagunitas announced its release earlier this month:

Marijuana culture website Merry Jane reports that only 120 kegs of SuperCritical have been produced, and they’ve all been distributed to California bars, concentrating on the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re planning a road trip, the list of the bars can be found here.

Lagunitas already has some swagger in marijuana circles after the company had it’s license suspended by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control when a worker was caught with pot at a brewery party in 2005.

Chicago Tribune reports that the turpene blend is a mix of Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies strains. The Yakima hops are Summit, Tomahawk and Zeus. The beer is 6.6 ABV and registers 88 IBU.