CenturyLink unpublished-number fee reduced to $2

The price to secure an unlisted phone number from CenturyLink, which had briefly been $5 per month, has been reduced to $2.

“We were hearing from consumers about that increase,” said Jan Kampbell, CenturyLink market development manager, on Thursday.

The price of the service had lately been 75 cents per month, and the consumer comments came after the increase to $5, she said.

“Because we heard from several consumers, we took a step back and we began implementing a rollback,” Kampbell said.

Customers are being notified of the change, and credits will be given in case the higher charge has been billed.

“It’s nice to be able to report good news,” Kampbell said.

The charge for a call to Directory Assistance, which was recently increased to $3, will remain at that level.