Gill’s Furniture customers will receive restitution

If you purchased furniture from the now-defunct Gill’s Furniture of Tacoma – and if that furniture was not delivered – you can expect full restitution.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has announced that his office “has secured full restitution for consumers who lost money doing business” with the firm.

The case comes, according to a release, after the attorney general “sued the company after receiving a flood of complaints from people who ordered and paid for merchandise from Gill’s Furniture, mostly between July and December 2011, then never received their orders.”

The announcement continues by claiming customers “said they were continuously misled about the status of their orders and delivery dates, and when their furniture never arrived, they were refused refunds. Many consumers also claim their inquiries with the brothers (Loren and Joseph Gill) were met with belligerence, and some even reported being threatened by the Gills.”

Joseph Gill now operates MFC Furniture at the same Portland Avenue location where his brother, Loren, operated Gill’s Furniture.

Contacted Monday morning, Loren Gill said his financial troubles were caused by “Jesse Jones, and it was an election year. There were four, five, maybe 12 complaints. After Jesse Jones came in, it changed the whole thing.”

He continued, “The reason the people didn’t get their furniture was because of the attorney general’s office. The attorney general’s office locked up my accounts. My intention was to get the furniture for those customers. I ran out of money. I didn’t try to defraud anybody. Now it’s hurting Joe’s business.”

Loren Gill said he was an employee at MFC Furniture, which he said is owned by his brother, Joe.

Jesse Jones is a television consumer reporter based in Seattle. He was unavailable for comment on Monday.

Founded in 1995, Gill’s Furniture closed last December.

The attorney general reported Monday that Loren Gill will pay $44,368.42, which will be “used first to pay restitution to consumers who never received furniture that they paid for, then to cover attorneys’ fees and costs in investigating the matter.”

Loren Gill is also liable for “another $94,000, suspended upon his compliance with the agreement.”

Joseph Gill has also “promised not to violate the state‘s consumer protection act or engage in any unfair or deceptive practice. He is liable for a $25,000 payment suspended as long as he complies with the agreement.”