No marijuana snacks for Everett as the Magical Butter truck switches to Black Diamond this weekend

Don’t go looking for the Magical Butter food truck in Everett this weekend.

Previously scheduled to appear at a farmers’ market in Snohomish County, certain undisclosed “permitting issues” have scotched the visit.

The Magical Butter truck offers marijuana-infused snacks to customers - so long as the customers have medical authorization to consume cannabis. The truck is not licensed to dispense products under Initiative 502, which legalized marijuana growing, processing and retail sales.

Even after the first retail sales licenses are issued on July 7, Magical Butter would not be able to offer products to the general public. The company would first need to be licensed by the state.

And instead of Everett, the truck will head for the MMJ Universe Farmers Market in Black Diamond. Products will be available to registered medicinal users Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. at 26130 Green Valley Road.

The truck can also be seen at other markets and festivals this summer, said company publicist Kirsten Hurley on Thursday.