Tacoma, Olympia gas prices up; expect more of the same next weekend

Officials at the petroleum data service predicted Friday that the upcoming Fourth of July will find gasoline at its highest holiday price since 2008.

“Fear about what could happen if Iraqi exports fall prey to violence has altered the calculus for summer oil prices,” said Tom Kloza, the company’s chief oil analyst.

“The global market could be nervous about Iraq from now until the peek weeks of the Atlantic hurricane season,” other company analysts suggested in a release.

The release named five “hot spots” where gasoline prices are particularly volatile. These include California and Washington at eh head of the list, followed by Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.

Southern California and the Puget Sound region have seen “unanticipated refinery downtime in recent weeks,” the report stated.

Where pegged the most recent price of regular gas in Tacoma at $4.018 per gallon, AAA’s gasoline price service noted the price Friday at $4.023, well below the all-time record of $4.367 from June 22, 2008. Friday’s price in Tacoma was ahead of the price from a year ago, at $3.758.

Friday’s average price per gallon on Olympia stood at $4.013, below the record from 2008 at $4.397, but ahead of the price one year ago, at $3.758.